Gallery of Beauties

King Ludwig’s Gallery of Beauties in Munich’s Schloss Nymphenburg includes this portrait of Jane Digby painted by Joseph Stieler. Jane reportedly disliked the portrait, but it remains the most commonly seen rendering of her online. It is also the basis for the cover art for Mary S. Lovell’s excellent biography of Jane called A Scandalous Life: The Biography of Jane Digby. I recommend the book highly to readers who would like to learn more about the historical Jane’s scandalous life.

Jane Digby in Europe

An insatiable traveller, Jane moved from London to Paris to Munich and beyond. She also lived in a time of great cultural and technological change – one such change was the invention of photography.

A 1839 daguerreotype of London, England at Trafalgar Square, one of rhe oldest known photographs of London.

Paris, France. Taken in 1839 by Louis Daguerre, this image of Paris Boulevard is one of the earliest examples of photography.
An early daguerreotype of Neuhauser Strasse in Munich, Bavaria, 1839. Germany was not a united country until 1871.